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Table 3 List of default extension commands

From: Avogadro: an advanced semantic chemical editor, visualization, and analysis platform

Name Description
Create Surfaces Create surface meshes from molecular orbital/
  electron density data
GAMESS Prepare input files for GAMESS-US, featuring
  syntax highlighting, advanced properties
Insert Fragment Insert molecular fragments from a library of
  common fragments
Insert Peptide Build up and insert peptide fragments
Molecular Mechanics Use Open Babel’s force fields for geometry
  optimization and conformer searches
MOPAC Prepare input for and run MOPAC200x
POV-Ray Ray-trace the displayed structure using POV-Ray
Angle Properties Table of all bond angles (editable)
Atom Properties Table of all atoms with common properties
Bond Properties Table of all bonds with common properties
Molecule Properties Common properties of the molecule (including
  molecular weight, etc.)
Torsion Properties Table of all dihedral angles (editable)
Spectra Visualize spectra from output files
Super Cell Builder Expand atoms with space group, replicate
  specified repeats and perform simple bonding
Unit Cell Change crystallographic unit cell display and
Vibrations Show and animate molecular vibrations