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Table 5 Scaffold, framework and compound originality of the AMRI and Chembridge kinase libraries

From: Mining collections of compounds with Screening Assistant 2

  AMRI Chembridge
  Count Percent Count Percent
Frameworks 873 27.0% 2 204 19.2%
Frameworks unicity 747 85.6% 2 078 94.3%
Scaffolds 1 053 32.6% 4 036 35.1%
Scaffolds unicity 1 008 95.7% 3 991 98.9%
Overlap (compounds) 1 molecule
  1. The proportion of scaffolds (resp. frameworks) is expressed as the number of unique scaffolds (resp. frameworks) divided by the number of molecules in the library. The scaffolds (resp. frameworks) unicity is expressed as the number of scaffolds (resp. frameworks) unique to the library divided by the total number of scaffolds (resp. frameworks) in the library.