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Archived Comments for: OMG: Open Molecule Generator

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  1. The literature search may be incomplete

    Antony Williams, Royal Society of Chemistry

    19 September 2012

    For a publication regarding CASE and molecular generation I would suggest that the literature search may have been incomplete. The software known as Structure Elucidator, while being a commercial product, is likely the most reported and actively developed CASE software in the past decade and has been reported many times. I have produced a list of our publications here: . I believe it is close to complete but I might have missed a couple also as my CV is out of date. I think the book and Progress in NMR review may be of interest. Also, you may wish to review the publications of Sergey Molodtsov.

    Competing interests

    I was involved with the development of ACD/Structure Elucidator during my 10 years working at ACD/Labs. I still collaborate with them on publishing but am not involved with the development of the software any longer.