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Table 3 List of BioDNA computed features for DNA/RNA sequences

From: BioTriangle: a web-accessible platform for generating various molecular representations for chemicals, proteins, DNAs/RNAs and their interactions

Feature group Features Number of descriptorsa
Nucleic acid composition Basic kmer 16
Reverse compliment kmer 10
Autocorrelation Dinucleotide-based auto covariance 74
Dinucleotide-based cross covariance 2664
Dinucleotide-based auto-cross covariance 2738
Trinucleotide-based auto covariance 24
Trinucleotide-based cross covariance 264
Trinucleotide-based auto-cross covariance 288
Pseudo nucleic acid composition Pseudo dinucleotide composition 18
Pseudo k-tuple nucleotide composition 18
Parallel correlation pseudo dinucleotide composition 18
Parallel correlation pseudo trinucleotide composition 66
Series correlation pseudo dinucleotide composition 90
Series correlation pseudo trinucleotide composition 88
  1. aThe number depends on the choice of the values of the parameters in the formula. Here, the number of each type of descriptors is based on the default parameter value. For detailed information, please refer to the documentation section in the BioTriangle website