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Table 1 Publicly accessible web-based target prediction tools

From: The polypharmacology browser: a web-based multi-fingerprint target prediction tool using ChEMBL bioactivity data

Website Similarity method Database Ref. 10 different fingerprints ChEMBL 21 This work Multilevel neighbourhoods of atoms (MNA) descriptors WDI and ACD [10] Docking PDTD [12] ECfp4 CHEMBL 16, WOMBAT, MDDR and StarLite [14] Receptor-based pharmacophore models TargetBank, DrugBank, BindingDB, PDTD [17] Docking PDB, DrugBank [18] ECfp6, ECfp4 and Openbabel FP2 ChEMBL 11 and PubChem bioassay [22] Openbabel FP2, MACSS, SHAFT and USR ChEMBL 14, BindingDB, DrugBank, KEGG and PDB [23] Circular fingerprint FCFP STITCH [24] CATS and MOE physiochemical descriptors COBRA [26] Openbabel FP2 and Electroshape descriptors ChEMBL 16 [28] ECfp4 ChEMBL, SuperTarget and BindingDB [29] ECfp4 BindingDB [33] Sfp ChEMBL 14, BindingDB, DrugBank, PharmGKB, PubChem bioassay, WOMBAT, IUPHAR, CTD and STITCH [37]