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Table 1 A table describing the different user studies that have been detailed in this paper

From: Electronic lab notebooks: can they replace paper?

Study Study dates No of participants Description
A—BioSistemika’s Webinar Survey [3] Oct 2015 and Feb 2016 228 Survey of current ELN usage
B—BioSistemika’s ELN Survey Mar–Apr 2015 196 Survey of ELN features, costs and barriers
C—University of Southampton’s ELN study Summer 2016 103 ELNs Study of the current ELN market: active/inactive ELNs, ELN licensing and platforms
D—University of Southampton lab practice study (focus groups and lab observations) Nov 2016–Mar 2017 33 Focus groups with physicists, chemists and biologists. Lab observations of four different chemistry labs at the University to better understand current lab practice
E—University of Southampton’s Dial-a-Molecule (DaM) Survey and iLabber Pilot Project Sep 2011 Initial Survey—88
Start of Trial—92
End of Trial—93
Surveys to gain knowledge and understand attitudes towards using ELNs and issues identified with using the trialled ELN
F—University of Southampton’s Communities Survey 2010–2015 94 Full details of this study can be found in [48]