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Fig. 19

From: Finding the K best synthesis plans

Fig. 19

Branching on H along the hyperpath \(\pi _1\). In a \(\pi _1\) is highlighted in H with the color red. The rest of the figure illustrates the backwards branching. Each subfigure bf shows a graph \(H^i\) and how it is created from H. Dashed and dotted hyperarcs are not part of the graphs, but were deleted due to branching. For each \(H^i\), the deleted hyperarc \(p(v_i)\) is red and dashed. Each fixed hyperarc is thick, and if fixing any hyperarc has led to deletion of other hyperarcs, these are gray and dotted. Furthermore, the caption for each subfigure indicates the set of hyperpaths represented by that graph. a H: {π1, π2, π3, π4}, π1 is red. b H5: {π2, π4}, c H4: \(\emptyset\). d H3: {π3}. e H2: \(\emptyset\). f H1: \(\emptyset\)

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