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Table 1 Summary of corpora annotated with relations relevant to PV

From: Annotation and detection of drug effects in text for pharmacovigilance

References Text type Corpus size Relation type No of relations
Gurulingappa et al. [43] MEDLINE case reports 2972 documents Adverse drug reaction 6821
Rosario and Hearst [60] MEDLINE abstracts 100 titles and 40 abstracts Disorder-treatment 1724
Van Mulligen et al. [61] MEDLINE abstracts 100 abstracts Disorder-treatment 668
Uzuner et al. [40] Clinical discharge summaries/progress notes 477 reports Disorder-treatment 3462
Roberts et al. [62] Clinical documents (clinic letters, radiology, and histopathology reports) 150 documents Disorder-treatment 227
Oronoz et al. [63] Clinical discharge reports (Spanish) 75 reports Adverse drug reactions 162
Patki et al. [64] Social media 10,616 user comments from DailyStrength Adverse drug reactions 2513
Ginn et al. [65] Social media 10,822 Tweets Adverse drug reactions 1436
Li et al. [55] PubMed articles 1500 articles Chemical-disorder relations 3116
Boyce et al. [46] Drug package inserts 64 inserts Drug–drug interactions 592
Rubrichi and Quaglini [49] Summaries of product characteristics (Italian) 100 sections on drug-related interactions Drug–drug interactions 2862
Segura-Bedmar et al. [66] Free text documents from DrugBank 579 documents Drug–drug interactions 3160
Herrero-Zazo et al. [50] Free text documents from DrugBank and MEDLINE abstracts 792 DrugBank documents/233 MEDLINE abstracts Drug–drug interactions 5028
  1. The number of relations specified in the last column refers only to those of the PV-relevant relation types shown in the column “Relation Type” (in some cases there are other annotated relation types in the corpus)