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Table 3 Drug–target association metrics summarized in the Drug–Target Explorer database

From: Probing the chemical–biological relationship space with the Drug Target Explorer

Metric Unit Meaning
Mean IC50/AC50/EC50/C50/Potency/Ki/Kd nM Mean of values obtained from quantitative datasets; available in database but not app
Mean pChEMBL − log10 (nM) Mean − log10 (nM) of all semi-comparable quantitative values
n_qualitative Count Number of qualitative associations identified
n_quantitative Count Number of quantitative associations identified
Known selectivity index N/A The mean pChEMBL for a drug–target association divided by the sum of all pChEMBLs for all drug–target associations for a given drug
Confidence score N/A The z-score of the number of quantitative and qualitative interactions found for a drug–target association