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Table 3 The examples of generated patterns

From: Statistical principle-based approach for gene and protein related object recognition

CKB-labeled gene mention Generated pattern
38-kD Unit murine Taxonomy MAP GeneSymbol kinase Enzyme [Unit][Taxonomy][GeneSymbol][Enzyme]
BanHI GeneSymbol A Specifier rightward transcripts RNAKeyword [GeneSymbol][Specifier][RNAKeyword]
human Taxonomy M-CSF GeneSymbol promoter ProteinKeyword [Taxonomy][GeneSymbol][ProteinKeyword]
nitric oxide Chemical synthase Enzyme mRNA RNAKeyword [Chemical][Enzyme][RNAKeyword]
phosphataseEnzyme 2ASpecifier-sensitive genesDNAKeyword [Enzyme][Specifier][DNAKeyword]
transcription factor ProteinKeyword NF - kappaB GeneSymbol [ProteinKeyword][GeneSymbol]