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Table 1 Cell line data sets used in this study

From: KekuleScope: prediction of cancer cell line sensitivity and compound potency using convolutional neural networks trained on compound images

Cell line Description ChEMBL cell ID Cellosaurus ID Organism of origin Number of bioactivity data points
A2780 Ovarian carcinoma cells CHEMBL3308421 CVCL_0134 Homo sapiens 2255
CCRF-CEM T-cell leukemia CHEMBL3307641 CVCL_0207 Homo sapiens 3047
DU-145 Prostate carcinoma CHEMBL3308034 CVCL_0105 Homo sapiens 2512
HCT-15 Colon adenocarcinoma cells CHEMBL3307945 CVCL_0292 Homo sapiens 994
KB Squamous cell carcinoma CHEMBL3307959 CVCL_0372 Homo sapiens 2731
LoVo Colon adenocarcinoma cells CHEMBL3307691 CVCL_0399 Homo sapiens 1120
PC-3 Prostate carcinoma cells CHEMBL3307570 CVCL_0035 Homo sapiens 4294
SK-OV-3 Ovarian carcinoma cells CHEMBL3307746 CVCL_0532 Homo sapiens 1589