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Table 4 Model quality parameters shown in the Flame GUI

From: Flame: an open source framework for model development, hosting, and usage in production environments

Endpoint type Parameter Definition
Qualitative Sensitivity (fitting and prediction) \(\frac{TP}{{TP + FN}}\)
Specificity (fitting and prediction) \(\frac{TN}{{TN + FP}}\)
MCC (fitting and prediction) \(\frac{{\left( {TP*TN} \right) - \left( {FP*FN} \right)}}{{\sqrt {\left( {TP + FP} \right)\left( {TP + FN} \right)\left( {TN + FP} \right)\left( {TN + FN} \right)} }}\)
Quantitative SDEC (fitting) \(\sqrt {\frac{{\sum \left( {Y_{exp} - Y_{pred} } \right)^{2} }}{n}}\)
SDEP (prediction) \(\sqrt {\frac{{\sum \left( {Y_{exp} - Y_{pred} } \right)^{2} }}{n}}\)
r2 (fitting) \(\frac{{\sum \left( {Y_{exp} - Y_{pred} } \right)^{2} }}{{\sum \sqrt {\left( {Y_{mean} - Y_{pred} } \right)} }}\)
q2 (prediction) \(\frac{{\sum \left( {Y_{exp} - Y_{pred} } \right)^{2} }}{{\sum \sqrt {\left( {Y_{mean} - Y_{pred} } \right)} }}\)
Conformal models Conformal coverage \(\frac{Samples\;inside\;confidence\;boundaries}{{Total\;number\;of\;samples}}\)
Conformal accuracy \(\frac{Samples\;predicted\;correctly}{{Total\;number\;of\;samples}}\)
Mean interval (only quantitative) \(\frac{{\sum \left| {Y_{max} - Y_{min} } \right|}}{n}\)