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Table 6 Most significant proteins, which are more often downregulated by the mostDILI than the noDILI group

From: KNIME workflow for retrieving causal drug and protein interactions, building networks, and performing topological enrichment analysis demonstrated by a DILI case study

Uniprot_ID Gene_name Significance_score
P23219 PTGS1 16.0
O60656 UGT1A9 14.0
O94956 SLCO2B1 11.0
Q92887 ABCC2 9.0
P11509 CYP2A6 9.0
P22309 UGT1A1 7.5
Q9Y694 SLC22A7 7.0
P05177 CYP1A2 6.0
Q9NPD5 SLCO1B3 6.0
Q9Y6L6 SLCO1B1 6.0
P11712 CYP2C9 5.8
P02763 ORM1 5.0
P35503 UGT1A3 5.0