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Archived Comments for: Efficient enumeration of monocyclic chemical graphs with given path frequencies

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  1. Errata for the paper.

    Tatsuya Akutsu, Kyoto University

    20 February 2015

    There were some minor errors in the main text of the paper (program codes are correct). In the following, the places of errors and required corrections are listed.

    (1) Definition of g′L[t] (page 6, lines 1-2)

    The correct definition should be as follows.

    g′L[t] =(
    max{gL[t] − 2, 0} if t is symmetric (i.e., it is identical with its reversal)
    max{gL[t] − 1, 0} otherwise.


    (2) Definition of copy(x) (page 10, line 1)

    The following condition should be added for the case of copy(x) = 1:

    for the parent y′ of y and the parent x′ of x, the edges yy′ and xx′ have the same multiplicity.



    Competing interests

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